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Financial Assistance Services
 - DeSoto Only

No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay, and a discounted/sliding fee schedule will be available based on family size and income.

A nadie se le negará el acceso a los servicios por no poder pagar; y habrá un programa de tarifas variables/con descuento disponible según el tamaño de la familia y los ingresos

If you qualify for partial support from Midwest Medical Practitioners, LLC, learn the amounts generally billed/reimbursed for services at the clinic.

Midwest Medical Practitioners, LLC understands that paying for emergency and/or medically necessary medical care can be difficult, particularly for patients who lack health insurance. As part of our ongoing commitment to our patients, Midwest Medical Practitioners, LLC works hard to help our patients address their financial responsibilities in a way that is fair and sensitive to their circumstances. We have instituted a program designed specifically to help those who find themselves in financial distress.

The Program:

The Financial Assistance Policy applies to uninsured/underinsured patients who come to our facilities for treatment. This policy provides financial relief to patients who qualify based on a comparison of their financial resources and/or income to Federal Poverty Guidelines. The program is designed specifically for emergency and/or medically necessary medical patients whose household financial resources and/or income are at or below 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

To qualify for any assistance, uninsured/underinsured patients will be asked to complete a Financial Assistance Application which includes information relating to household income and expenses.

If you would like to apply, you may come into the office to fill out an application. For your convenience, we have also made it available to download and print using the "Download" button

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